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                           Puerto Plata                                           Located on the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mount Isabella de Torre mountains. The Puerto Plata Airport welcomes direct flights from the U.S., Canada and Europe. This Northeast region of the country features fertile valleys and forested, inland mountains towering into breathtaking vistas and some 75 miles of gleaming beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. 

HISTORY:The historical maiden landing of the Santa Maria took place in the area on Dec. 5, 1492. San Felipe de Puerto Plata, often referred to as simply Puerto Plata, is the capital of the Dominican province Puerto Plata.
The city is famous for resorts such as Crown Villas by LHVC, Cofresi Palm located east of San Felipe de Puerto Plata. There are a total of 100,000 hotel beds in the city.
The only aerial tramway in the Caribbean is located in Puerto Plata. With it, one can ride up to Pico Isabel de Torres, a 793 meter high mountain within the city. The top of the mountain features a botanical garden and a replica of Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro.
The fortification Fortaleza San Felipe, which was built in the 16th century and served as a prison under Rafael Trujillo's dictatorship, lies close to the port of Puerta Plata. The amber museum, is also a well-known attraction in this city. La Isabela, a settlement built by Christopher Columbus, is located near Puerto Plata.
In April 1563 the Spanish settlement became notorious when the English slave trader, Sir John Hawkins, brought 400 people he had abducted from Sierra Leone. Hawkins traded his victims with the Spanish for pearls, hides and sugars, some gold. This was the start of British involvement in the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, in which 20 million people were forced into slavery.

     INDUSTRY:Puerto Plata produces and exports coffee, cocoa and tobacco, and is among the ten provinces in the Dominican Republic with the largest cattle ranches. It also produces liquor, dairy and past products, leathers and furs. A portion of the population is drawn into the fishing industry. 
     SIGHTS:A popular site on Puerto Plata’s Malecon, or seaside drive, is the San Felipe fortress, the oldest in the New World. La Isabella National Park, the first European settlement in the New World, location of Christopher Columbus’ ashes and venue of the first mass ever celebrated in the New World. The Park also houses a Taino museum, regional crafts and gift shop, and the temple of the Americas. Take the urban route that forms part of the historic zone, where diverse architectural styles can be appreciated, among which the romantic Victorian style prevails

Puerto Plata is served by Gregorio Luperón International Airport

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